The longest lens shaped square in Europe

A characteristic feature of Spišská Nová Ves is the lens shaped square, which is one of the most beautiful squares in Slovakia and the longest of this type in Europe. Since 1992 the town has been declared an Urban Conservation Area thanks to the square and many historically remarkable objects.

A Square full of monuments, green vegetation and delicious food

The Roman-Catholic Parish Church of the Virgin Mary′s Assumption with the highest church tower in Slovakia represents a dominant of the square. In the square you will find almost all historical monuments of the town and the central greenery, which offers a number of romantic recesses. You will also have the opportunity to sit close to the fountain or enjoy a cool place in the shade of trees in the summer heat. Various restaurants, cafés, patisseries, and other gastronomic facilities can be found here. All age categories and “taste buds” will have a field day.

Centre of social events

The square also the place of the most major cultural and social events (for example Town full of children, Spiš fair, Day’s of the town of Spišská Nová Ves, Folk craft fair or the Christmas fair). During the summer season (July and August) summer cinema and afternoons for families (every Sunday) are held here.