Kyseľ – Via Ferrata of the Mountain Rescue Service

Welcome to an exploration of “true wilderness“ in the reopened gorge Kyseľ – the Via Ferrata of the Mountain Rescue Service!

The Via Ferrata (secured trail) will enchant you with its wild beauty and unique environment. Rubble stones and driftwood fallen from the slopes after fire changed its original look and created a new, remarkable landscape.

The educational trail with the Via Ferrata is run by the State Nature Conservation of the Slovak Republic – The Slovak Paradise National Park Administration together with the Mountain Rescue Service. They aim to show you wild nature with the minimum of interference with the original environment. The Via Ferrata technical facilities allow a comfortable and safe passage through the gorge. In 1976 before the fire, Kyseľ was the most visited gorge in the Slovak Paradise. Nowadays visiting the educational trail can be an alternative of tranquillity and peace. It offers you the opportunity to enjoy virgin nature with all your senses and experience a little bit of adrenaline.

The gorge is passable only in one direction - from below upwards. Due to reasons of nature conservation the Via Ferrata is available from June 15 to October 31 (not all the year as the other gorges in the Slovak Paradise). To enter the gorge you need a valid ticket issued by the Slovak Paradise National Park Administration. In case of interest you can order an escort with professional interpretation at the National Park Administration. When visiting Via Ferrata a ferrata set is mandatory equipment (hard hat, shock absorber, climbing harness).

Via Ferrata Tour Guide with detailed information in English to download (pdf) »

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