Spiš Fair - the event of the year

Spiš fair is a famous event, during which the entire city changes to one big adventure full of entertainment. Hundreds of market stalls and various attractions, held in the longest lentiform town square in Europe, are accompanied by a rich cultural program with an unforgettable experience.

Lovers of theme parks and attractions will have a field day because Spiš fair is known for its adrenaline merry-go-rounds.

During the four day (the fair is held on the third weekend in July every year) you can experience a modern Spiš fair simultaneously with the famous Spiš Exhibition and Trade Fair which follows the old tradition of fairs in the city.

This event is so popular that inhabitants and visitors included it by voting amongst the 7 wonders of the town.

If you like this kind of fun, Spiš fair cannot be missed.

For more information about the date and actual schedule you can find in the Events section of this website.