Town days of Spišská Nová Ves and Folk craft fair

Every year, the end of summer pertains to Genius temporis - Spirit of the time. The city centre becomes the scene of the traditional event under the name Town days.

Town days offer rich cultural program. Spišská Nová Ves’s Town Days is accompanied by the Craft Festival. The Craft festivals offers products from different sales people from Slovakia and the Czech Republic in almost 100 stalls. The festival will present traditional crafts such as wood carving, development of gingerbread, smithery, basketry, weaving, jewellery, shingle making, tinkering, metalworking, beekeeping, leather processing, production of bobbin lace and ceramics, or flax processing...

The program is thematically based on the selected period. Last time visitors could go back in time to 19th and 20th century and its first third. The whole cultural program reflects spirit of the age. Within the program PhDr. Peter Karpinský, PhD. and actors of Divadlo teatrálnej skratky (the theatrical theatre) through historical epic theatre will bring visitors a significant event from the history of the town.

This is the way our town was by visited Maria Theresa - during 360 years of the so-called Polish Lease, Konrád Gaal established the most significant Gothic bell foundry, stormy circumstances livened up again that preceded the construction of the Reduta building and so on.

The program does not lack various presentations of hawkers, fights, dance and music of that time, lots of fairy tales, period processions or an exhibition of historical cars. Clowns and the group of historical fencing Jago will take care of entertainment.

For the youngest there is rental of wooden knightly equipment, a wooden merry-go-round and a wooden theatre hay wagon with puppet performances, songs and games.

On Sunday the event will end with the Spiš Trophy horse race. The competition is held in the equestrian area near Ferčekovce.

During the event, road closure will be on Letná street!

Come, go back in time and experience a unique atmosphere in the Town Days of Spišská Nová Ves. You are warmly welcomed.