Spiš 333 EXTREME - nonstop cycle race for professionals

Spiš 333 EXTREME is a huge challenge in which you can test and overcome yourself in an extremely tough competition without the assistance.

You will reach the end of your tether, but at the finish line everything will transform into satisfaction not only because of competition and the beauty of the mountains in the Spiš region, but also from meeting new friends and their life philosophy.

Placing and prizes don’t matter. It does not matter that you win or lose, all that matters is the courage to participate in this extreme race on existing and new cycle routes of the Spiš region. The race is organized by the Spiš Regional tourism organization (,

Spiš 333 EXTREME is not just regular race for testing your skills, but it is a sport and social occasion for the promotion of the Spiš region as an interesting cycle-tourist region for all people who like to actively spend their free time and holidays.

Info about race:
E-mail: 333extreme(at)
Telefón: +421 905 326 164 (director of the race)

Organizer of the race

OOCR SPIŠ – the Spiš Regional tourism organization
Nábrežie Hornádu 14
052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Slovak republic
E-mail: info(at)