The Spiš Museum

The Museum of the Spiš teritory in Spišská Nová Ves has resided in the historical building of the former medieval Town Hall since 1954. Exhibitions in Markušovce and Smižany are branches of the Spiš Museum.

Its premises are undergoing restoration.

Branches of the Museum are open for public:

Dardanely Summer-House, Michalská 59, Markušovce

  • Exhibition of antique furniture
  • Exposition of clavier musical instruments summer-house Dardanelles

Smižany Ethnic Museum, Krátka 5, Smižany

  • Small exhibition of Spiš nature
  • Exhibition of folk culture of central Spiš

Ján Nálepka’s House of Birth, Nálepkova 87, Smižany

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