The Spiš Museum

The Museum of the Spiš teritory in Spišská Nová Ves has resided in the historical building of the former medieval Town Hall since 1954. Exhibitions in Markušovce and Smižany are branches of the Spiš Museum.

Premises of the Spiš Museum are re-opened after extensive reconstruction.

  • Provincial House - history 
    The exhibition represents the period of existence of the Province of 16 Spiš towns, the center of which was Spišská Nová Ves between 1774-1876. 

  • Bon appetite, venerable burgenses 
    The exhibition presents ways of eating during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries with the installation of rare cutlery and porcelain sets  enriched with recipes and meals of that time. 

  • Water, Soul of the Earth 
    A unique exhibition focusing on the aquatic ecosystem presents groups of plants and animals found in this biotope. 

  • I live on trees and I like it 
    Interactive exhibition focused on fauna that is bound to trees like oak, leafy, willow, apple tree and fir tree. 

Additional exposures of the Museum available to visitors:

Dardanely Summer-House, Michalská 59, Markušovce

  • Exhibition of antique furniture
  • Exposition of clavier musical instruments summer-house Dardanelles

Smižany Ethnic Museum, Krátka 5, Smižany

  • Small exhibition of Spiš nature
  • Exhibition of folk culture of central Spiš

Ján Nálepka’s House of Birth, Nálepkova 87, Smižany

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